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long term partners

We invest our capital and expertise to help remarkable entrepreneurs who change the way the world works, and help accelerate the growth of their businesses.
a.                                      our philosophy
We are entrepreneurs motivated by the entrepreneurial company building process. As founders ourselves, we know what it means to be in your shoes. Our domain expertise ranges across most areas of technology, but specifically we excel in areas of fin-tech, health-tech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. While some family offices have great networks and offer great counsel, we value those things but strongly believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work alongside you in your moments of need. From hearing your ideas, to action and execution, we help you build your business from the ground up. Pourdad Capital is an early investor, and your long term partner.
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b.                                        our values

long term partnerships

We understand that the entrepreneurial experience can be a lonely one. Working with us is a true partnership where you'll never feel alone in your company building journey. Whether you want to pick up the phone and vent, or looking for an introduction, we got you covered. We like to think of ourselves as silent cheerleaders that are never in your face; instead we will quietly play behind the scenes to help you progress your business objectives and be there right beside you.

empowering founders

We understand that the most successful entrepreneurs feel empowered at every step in their entrepreneurial journey. When entrepreneurs surround themselves with the wrong investors or advisors, they can veer off course quickly and lose that sense of empowerment. From the moment you engage with us, you will feel a sense of empowerment that will give you the boost you need everyday to be successful.

we are patient

We understand the entrepreneurial experience and know it's rarely a straight line from point A to point B. While most family offices are looking for quick wins, Pourdad Capital is your long term partner, with our average deal being an early Seed round investment and lasting between 7 to 10 years.

you need dependability

We believe in the quality of being trustworthy and reliable. For entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey this means getting an honest opinion on your business plan and unbiased feedback, that you can trust. Sometimes this also means we are not the right investors for you, nevertheless you can rely on our opinion and guidance and trust that we are trying to help you get to a better place.
c.                                       our process

our process is friendly,
transparent, and simple.

venture style deals - pre-seed, seed, angel rounds
$50,000 - $1,000,000 cheque sizes
quick due diligence process

Respond in


Offer in

7 Days

Deal close

1 Month

If we are engaged in your venture, we will make warm introductions to our co-investor partners (angels, family offices, or VC's) to help you get your investment round completed
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If you're not sure your business fits the bill, send it to us anyway. We'll let you know within a couple of days.
d.                                       our portfolio
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d.                                       faq

what stage do you invest in?

The short answer is all stages. However, our preferred investment stage is seed, where you need to raise this round to get your product or service to market. If we are really passionate about your business, we will get involved earlier, at the pre-seed or angel round as well.

do you invest outside of canada?

Yes - However, we tend to focus mainly based in North America (Canada and USA) because that is where we have the most experience, the strongest network, and where we can be the most valuable partners.

what is your investment process?

We believe that founders should spend more time focused on their business than with investors. To that end, we’ve created a transparent investment process designed to be fast, friendly and focused.  We typically do not lead your investment round and more importantly, we strongly prefer if you have already secured a lead investor.

You can see more about our process here

do you take a board seat?

Typically no. If there is a specific need we are open to talking further about how we can approach this.

do you co-invest?

This is pretty much all we do, as we are not lead investors. We are often open to working with other investors as long as we are in agreement with the overall investment terms.
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